Wynama Gould


 "When I got out to f the car, it was on a Tuesday, and I come up the walk and one of the ladies in the office came out. She had an arm full of letters, I guess she was going to mail them. But she said, Wynama , ‘How are you today?’ And I said, ‘I don’t feel good at all, I just feel terrible.’ She hooked her arm in mine an said, ‘Come on, we’re going to go see the doctor.’ So they took me straight back to the clinic and they run an EKG and take my blood pressure. They called an ambulance and got me to the hospital because my heart rate was a 124 times a minute and that was too fast. In the hospital they tried to get it down. Well, they tried to get it down here first, it wouldn’t go down. So in the hospital they tried and it wouldn’t go down and so they put a pacemaker in. And after I got out of the hospital, I came back here everyday for two weeks and I love it here."

Has it made your caregiver's life easier coming here? In what way?

"Oh, yes. It does because they take me to the doctor here when I have to go to a specialist like the heart doctor and all and she don’t have to take off work and go do that.

I guess the favorite memory I have would be when they took me to the hospital and took care of me. But, I love doing crafts. We do lots of crafts here.

Well, they see that I have all my medication. And, I’m a diabetic so they see that I have the proper testing supplies. And they come out and check my blood pressure and see that I am doing good and whatever I need, they see that I get it.

If I hadn’t have been here on that first day, I probably wouldn’t be alive today. Because I wouldn’t have went to a heart doctor and have anything done because I just didn’t think it was my heart because I didn’t have any pain."


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Wynama Gould